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Dear Technophilic Magazine reader,

Starting today, you will notice that we have redesigned our website. This redesign is the proof of our commitment to continuously improve your reading experience. Through the use of bigger, clearer fonts, larger featured images, clear navigation menu, and a layout that makes it easier for you to scan through article titles, we have sought to improve every aspect of the site and the result is a better reading, discovery, and navigation experience. We have also added an “Editor’s Picks” section which will feature articles you will not want to miss out on.

We know that you love the freedom to access your favorite content from any of your devices, be it your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Our website automatically detects your screen size and adapts the site’s contents to your screen so that you have the best possible experience – load from your smartphone or tablet and see for yourself.

Thank you for reading Technophilic Magazine and don’t forget to send us your articles.

The Technophilic Team.

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